Honors, Awards & Scholarships


2023Honorary Professor, Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), Greece
2013Honorary Doctorate, Uppsala University, Sweden - see Video and Doctoral Ceremony Symbols
2012Hans Kupczyk Guest Professor, University of Ulm, Germany
2006Honorary Doctorate, University of Kalmar, Sweden
1991M.S. (Honorary), University of Pennsylvania, USA

Awards & Scholarships

2015Academy of Athens Greece, Class of Sciences Award
1983Travel Award to 5th International Congress of Immunology, Kyoto, Japan, from the American Association of Immunologists
1982-1983Fellowship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - This fellowship was declined in favor of the EMBO long-term fellowship.
1982-1983Long-term Fellowship from European Molecular Biology Organization ALTF 121-1982
1977-1978Fellowship from the National Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
1974-1975Awards from the Lawyer's Association of Patras as having ranked first among the three-year students of the Biological Department
1973-1976Scholarship from the State Scholarship Institute for progress as a student in the Department of Biology